The Band


Winner at the 2019 Niagara Music Awards for “Best New Group”, Giancarlo & The Scarfones' sound captures the essence of classic rock, and yet brings something refreshing to each song with unique improvisations and arrangements. A mixture of soaring harmonies, bluesy guitar riffs, jazzy piano licks, and grooving bass lines reverberate in fans' ears as they are compelled to dance to Giancarlo & The Scarfones.


What started as a pop 70s cover band quickly became a phenomenon in the Niagara Region, when Giancarlo Feltrin returned from Berklee College of Music to reconvene with long-time bandmates The Scarfone brothers. Their exciting sound, various instrumentation, and kaleidoscope of genres gripped the Niagara Music scene as they continued to play the music people wanted to hear – from The Bee Gees to The Eagles, from Electric Light Orchestra to Steely Dan.


The band continued to pride itself on never playing a song the same way twice, changing things on the spot and ever-evolving – continually infusing the musical styles of ensembles like Dave Matthews Band. With a rich tenor voice and background harmonies akin to The Beach Boys, Giancarlo & The Scarfones were crafting something innovative.  And so, the band released their full-length album, “CAROUSEL”, winning two Niagara Music Awards and “Best Band” by popular vote with the Niagara Falls Review Readers Choice Awards.


Giancarlo & The Scarfones released their debut album to a packed house of 300 people at Taps Brewhouse in Niagara Falls Ontario, where they partnered with the MS Society of Canada to donate proceeds from their album sales. Giancarlo & The Scarfones are currently working on their sophomore album for 2020 and continue to gig at clubs and festivals frequently throughout the Niagara Region, building a devoted following to their music at live shows and through social media.  A western tour is also planned in 2020.

The Album


The carousel represents the often-cyclical nature of music, bands, and life – there is momentum and change, but everything ultimately comes around.


Eight original songs about life, love, and the common ground that brings people together. Songs like "Love Away", "Ticket to the West", "Why" and “Sand" resonate with listeners, emulating the sound of the 70s with a modern twist. “CAROUSEL” is a mosaic of pop, jazz, folk, and blues rock - and it is now available everywhere on all streaming platforms. Get on the CAROUSEL today.